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I was sure that you’d walk away angry and never talk to me again

Posted by ggough56 on November 1, 2009

How can I be so sure that you’d walk away angry and never talk to me again?  Well, I suppose, now, it’s because you did, but if we rewind, I suppose it’s because there was never any trust that either of us would be there for the long haul.  When someone is more interested in their own personal sufferings, you and me included, they cannot continue on into wonderful blessed relationship.  From quite some time ago, we disagreed on forgiveness, but this wasn’t enough for me.  I figured that we could still make things work in some fashion, that we could continue in the way that we had.  I only found that the ice castles that I built melted when the light shown on them.  The warmth was too much and they could not hold themselves up.  I realised that you were not what I had purported you to be.  For this I apologize.  I still don’t think it means that you need to walk away angry and never talk to me again.


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