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Garden to Prison?

Posted by ggough56 on September 4, 2009

What we might surmise is that a garden was all of what we needed to freely exist in community with each other.  No need for dictation out of a mentality of self-protection or protection of others.  Yet, when we chose that mentality, we were immediately banished from that garden.  When we gained that knowledge, it became dangerous for us to stay in that environment.  What I find interesting is how prevalent that dynamic exists in our society.  We have freedom, maybe true freedom, until we decide that it’s not enough.  In fact, we might even be thrown into prison if we bring ourselves too far.  We literally might be withheld from freedom that we were intended for.  It’s an interesting notion.  So, the law is very imprisoning as much as it is a governing factor in the essence of our being.  We must have it to survive and we rebel against it’s confines, all in the same breath.

Is it that you won’t obey?  Is it that obedience denies part of what it means to be free?  Is it that you can’t obey?  Is it that part of you will be be restrained by yourself into obedience?  Is is that we love freedom?  Is it that we can’t govern ourselves in freedom?  Is it that we love captivity?  Is it that we long to be withheld from the things that keep us captivated?

It is both and neither.  I suppose that’s my answer, though strange as it seems.  We must have both and we must have neither.  If it was made one way, then somehow it needed to be countered, so we needed both.  We needed to be how we were made to be and we needed to be governed.  That could not endure because it should be neither.  Love can be self-governance.  What I mean is that it may be that love is restrain.

We demand this all the time…that we must be loved in certain ways.  People want us to express love for them in certain ways.  They want to govern how we love them.  If freedom is so important, why can’t we impose our own version of love upon another?  Why can’t we will upon them that our means and expressions of love are truly love and that they are deluded?  We can’t because it violates the fabric of how we were intended to be.  The very fabric of this life was woven with the idea that love governs itself and that we don’t.  It is self-sustaining.  It’s really true that we can be deluded into thinking otherwise.  It is our knowledge that deludes us.  If we had not knowledge of otherwise, we might understand our fabric better and even desire to understand our fabric better.

To those who desire prison over garden, be free and do as you please.  It is that that you want and none other.  You may delude yourself and others and never understand otherwise.  Not that you don’t want to understand, but that you really don’t want to understand.  And to those who desire the garden, may you understand that living in prison gives us the opportunity to understand what makes our prison so.  It helps us to understand the fabric which we have woven ourselves into, the fabric that needs to be torn top to bottom and thrown away.


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