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Angel Eyes

Posted by ggough56 on February 9, 2009

I think that when I look in your eyes I see forever
In a strange way, I can see to forever in your eyes

I can only tell you that I want to build something with you
I can only tell you that I want to build something for you
I only hope that you want to build something with me
I only hope that you want to build something for me

In every song I sing there is a thread of you, the hope of you
In each lyric I write there is a desire for you

In a strange way I can’t explain, please forgive me
But in the strangest way, I find myself wanting to hold you
I long to keep you close, like the father-son-spirit, close
It’s a dance and balance held delicately, held intentionallly

I never doubt you’ll love other than me, though you might be convinced
You may desire another, or even others and I will not stop that
I will slowly wait for you, for you my one love
You are not a lover like others, you are my love
My one love, the means of my unique expression, our expression

I don’t think that it will be understood and it will not be affirmed
By those who know us and those who love us they would gladly partake
They would gladly benefit the blessing that lay before us
For once I understand what it means, what it means to love

I had some of them say they found me fascinating, but never kept them
I had some of them say they found me loving, but never kept them
Some of them found me to be tempting and I did not give into their tempt
Some of them found me to be a wealth and I did not give up my treasure

I waited for you, it’s been a long time that I’ve waited for you
I only hope that you have waited for me and that we can wait for each other
We don’t wait for each other in the flesh, we wait for far more
We wait to be one with each other and to have each other as we are

Please don’t trivialize what I share with you, don’t keep you flame hidden from me
I ask with earnest prayer, I request with blessing that you allow yourself to be open
Travel with me, take that highway with only me

Hurt and pain only exist because we desire to be other than how we were created
Despair and lonliness because our futures did not meet
No hurt, no pain, no despair, no lonely can quench what you are to me
Not an idol, not a figure, not a representation, but a gift

You are a gift to me, not because of my direction in life or my taste
You are a gift because you are you and because I’m me
We are both a gift to each other and I realize that this may never gain ground
I understand that it may not….

I will  commit to be with only you
I commit to be with only you
Regardless of what you may desire
My committment holds strong and everlasting, LORD help me

We can only steer our course when we choose to do so
Other than that is demise and falacy

I love you and I will always love you whatever may come
I love you with other love, another kind of love
If you don’t understand me, then just love me as you do
If you do understand, then don’t cause me pain by staying away


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