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Madonna’s Father makes wine

Posted by ggough56 on October 20, 2008

I’m enjoying a glass of Cabernet Franc (2006), which I picked up from Madonna’s father’s vineyard earlier this year for her 50th birthday party celebration.

Do you know why I celebrated?

I remember carrying the bottles back in Diane’s humble little car, all the way back to Grand Rapids.  I remember thinking about the joys of having a celebration….a celebration for something.

Do you know why I celebrated?

The days passed, months passed, the wine matured, it aged.  Now, the bottle I am drinking tonight was not specifically chosen for the party, but it was chosen from the vineyard.  In fact, I was not sure there would be enough wine for the party so I bought 4 bottles.

Do you know why I celebrated?

A trip to Alaska rode by, and the month of July was gone.  Soon into August which had it’s own moments of trauma for myself.  Finally, finally, the day arrived.  The day of the celebration arrived.  So much had been planned for the celebration.

Do you know why I celebrated?

The guests arrived one by one, each of them I wish I could keep for myself, just for a moment to love more and to enjoy more.  The night did not allow for me to engage them this way.  We had banners, we had food, we had wine, we had music.  We had an absolute wedding feast.

Do you know why I celebrated?

We served much, we served the best we could, we served with our eyes fixed on celebration.  And when the guests had too much to drink, we had more wine.  We had more wine from Madonna’s father’s vineyard.

Do you know why I celebrated?

We had plenty of wine flowing when we celebrated Madonna’s 50th birthday party on August 16, 2008.  We had plenty of wine to ensure that we would have continued celebration.

Nearby there was a party that sought to take wine and not make their own.

They did not ask Madonna’s father for wine from his vineyard.

They continue to spew lies and pain from their own story and righteousness.  They continue to cause lies and pain in their own people that they should be celebrating with.  They became the accuser.  They became the accuser in flesh, the accuser among us.  Not interested in wine, because it intoxicates.  Not interested in wine because it leads to debauchery.  Not interested in wine because they had righteousness.

Please, please, please.

May you drink so much wine that you encounter the true Jesus.


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The Story

Posted by ggough56 on October 12, 2008

All the punishing we can do to ourselves, the punishing we do to each other.  All of the lines on our faces.  All of the stories.

What do we do with the stories?  What further do we want with our stories?  Someone to share them with us?  Someone to build more with us?

Something to be right about?  Something to further a paradigm of pain?

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Dedication to endless provision

Posted by ggough56 on October 4, 2008

Ironically, my life seems not dedicated to endless provision.  The nuts-and-bolts, mathematic equations and financial statements do not boast provision.  Ironically, I’ve never felt more cared for, personally.  Ironically, I’ve never felt more supported.  This causes huge tension for me, my being pulled by my feelings.

But wait.  I’ve been pulled by my feelings before.

The economy is built upon an idea that there is an exchange for a value.  I don’t want to make it about products and supply and demand because I think more fundamental is the exchange for a value.  Someone creates value and it has space for market, or sale to others.  People who see that value, create the ability for exchange.  What you end up with is a complex web of exchange for a value.  All these relationships built upon exchanges.  Gas services for money, electric services for money, housing for money.  It all stems back to exchange for a value.

Now, let me go further.

If your economy holds money central, it all has to spin around money.  It all has to come back to money.  Though it doesn’t make sense, we all have to pay for what we need to live.  On another side of things, fundamentally, our needs create our dependence on exchange in an economy.  We are one step removed from that though because this is where value enters the equation more prominently.  We don’t value certain exchanges more than others and less money is involved, maybe not even enough money for someone to afford their basic needs, let alone other things that most of us would not do without.  We should not force others to live to a standard that we, ourselves, would not live in.  So now, we have an economy that creates need for survival and dependence on a system of exchange.  A system that’s not always fair and properly rewarding.

I’ve known a few people in my life and there are two ways of looking at these people and two questions that can be asked.  Is this person doing all that they can do to bring their value out in a system that rewards value?  Is this person able to provide for themselves given what they bring to the table?

I’ve known many people who have lots of opportunity in front of them (not career or job opportunity) and do not go after it for their own reasons.  Some of these reasons are self-doubt, self-hatred and maintaining the notion that they are victims to a cruel system.  Some people because they simply don’t want to put anything in.  They’d rather have it all handed to them.  I don’t contend with the natural outcome of both these situations.  In and of themselves, they are seeking for that particular individual and not for others in relationship with them.

I’ve known other people who have put lots of investment in their value and who have brought a lot of value to others lives and well beings and I only see them not able to provide for their own needs.  They spend an abundance of hours each week, creating opportunity after opportunity to further benefit to the greater whole and not just concern for themselves.  They want to put forth even if it means they don’t get money in their hands.  Money, to them, can often be covering their needs within a system that needs get met via money.

It’s extremely hard to discern between these two types of people and wolves go masquerading as sheep.  I can tell you, when you assert truths about what I’ve brought up here, you will find out what type of person you are looking at.

It’s a harsh lesson and a hard reality to live in when you discover that someone was not who you think they are.  It’s difficult for all of us to find out that things are not always what we thought they were.  We built faith and trust in what we see.  Though we should not because what we see only fades away.

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